We'd like to thank a few of the people and companies that made the establishment of the M-CM Network possible.

Our syndrome description is a result of the extraordinary efforts of Daniela Iacoboni, MS, CGC.

In 2002, Gaye and Keith Mulliner started a family support website devoted to M-CM (originally known as M-CMTC). For many years it was the only website devoted exclusively to M-CM. It recently was closed in favor of a Facebook Group, which the Mulliner's still administrate. (You can find an archive of the original site here.) The community that the Mulliner's established made the founding of the M-CM Network possible. We are so grateful to Gaye and Keith for their work in connecting families dealing with M-CM.

Thyra Heder created beautiful medical illustrations for us, you can see more of her illustration work at her website, or her tumblr, Unique You Nork. Thyra is the author and illustrator of a children's book, Fraidyzoo.

The photo on our homepage is by Belliveau Photography.

Brian Higgins took the cover photo used in our brochure, he can be reached at Special Needs Photography.

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