Get Involved


Since our founding in 2010, almost all of our funding has come from affected families and their networks of relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. We have been able to accomplish a lot with very little funding in the areas of education and awareness, but we are now working to expand into funding research-related projects. We need your help.

This page provides some information about ways our supporters have raised money to date, along with some ideas for other projects and events. Fundraising is not just for parents of affected children, who often have their hands full with caring for a medically complex child. Many of our fundraisers have been done by extended family members or friends, who often have more time and resources. Aunts, uncles, grandparents - you can have a big impact.

Just Ask!

The simplest thing you can do is ask your contacts for support with a link to our donate page, our mailing address, or even an addressed envelope that we can provide. You don't need a reason to ask, but some occasions that can facilitate an ask are a birthday, Rare Disease Day (February 28th), Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), or the end of the year holiday season.

Use Mightycause

Mightycause (formerly called Razoo) is an online fundraising platform that can be used to set a fundraising goal and share your story about why you are fundraising. Mightycause has been effectively used by individuals and groups that are fundraising as part of an event like a ride or race - or even just to ask for donations with a fundraising goal. For some examples of past fundraisers on Mightycause, see Team Stella and Giving Tuesday In Honor of Elin. To start a fundraiser for the M-CM Network on Mightycause, use the "Create Fundraiser" button here.

Events Large and Small

There are all kinds of events that you can create for fundraising, and it doesn't have to be a large event - every fundraiser helps. A small event can be a tea, picnic, or potluck. A more ambitious event can be a gala, concert, or race. Some events leverage professional services such as an exercise class or photography sessions. You can enhance your event's fundraising with raffles, auctions, vendors, or sponsors. Even the smallest event can also be an opportunity for awareness if you publicize it with a press release. We're happy to discuss your event idea and help you along the way.

Employer Programs

Some employers offer programs to facilitate and match your giving. Charitable payroll deduction programs are an efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to charities through payroll contributions that employers often match. If you donate directly to us, check with your HR department to see if your employer offers gift matching. This can be an easy way to double your impact.

Sell on Ebay

The M-CM Network is set up with Ebay for Charity so that you can donate all or a portion of your sales on Ebay. Your listing is highlighted with a charity ribbon, you get a credit on seller fees, and your donations are tax deductible.

Affiliate Programs

Affliliate programs give a designated charity a small percentage of sales.

Other Ideas? Want to Volunteer?

Contact us about whatever fundraising idea that you have, or if you are interested in volunteering to help with fundraising in general.

M-CM Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit, EIN 27-3510708. Your donation is tax-deductible in the United States.