M-cm ( Macrocephaly - cmtc ) Group - this Facebook group was founded by families in the UK and pre-dates the M-CM Network. We encourage affected families to join.

Parents d'enfant M-CM (Macrocéphalie Malformation Capillaire)

Association M-CM France website & Facebook page

M-CM (Macrocefalia-cmtc) - Grupo de apoyo para las familias con miembros que tienen Macrocefalia - CMTC (ahora llamado M-CM, Macrocefalia Malformación Capilar)

M-CM UK Facebook page

Brochure PDFs in English, French, and Spanish. Contact us if you would like English brochures mailed to you at no charge. Spanish and French brochures are currently available as PDFs only.

Segmental Overgrowth Study (UK)

Archived Macrocephaly-CMTC Site