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Inspiratory Stridor (Wheezing Sound) 25
Apnea 14
Asthma 11
Wheezing 14
Airway Obstruction 9
Episodes of Respiratory Distress 18
Tachypnea (Rapid Breathing) 8
Pulmonary Infiltrates (Filling of Airspace with Fluid, Pus, etc) 4
Hydrothorax (Fluid in Pleural Space of Lung) 2
Laryngomalacia (Immature Cartilage Formation Causing Collapse of Larynx) 10
Tracheolaryngomalacia 5
Subglottic Narrowing 2
Respiratory Complications Associated with Sedation 13
Respiratory Complications Associated with Intubation 13
Respiratory Complications Associated with Extubation 13
Other significant skin symptoms:
  • Extreme tendency for bronchitis and coughing for long periods after colds, ie., several months.
  • Bronchiolitis at 3 months pneumonia, many chest infections now grown out of them.
  • Frequent pneumonias until age 6.
  • Silent reflux until 18 months old when speech therapist noticed. Corrected with medicine and child rolled over within 6 weeks.