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Has the individual with M-CM had a seizure?

Number of responses 41/51 Question type: select one.

Yes 16
No 17
Unsure 8

The following questions are regarding seizure history. If the individual with M-CM has not experienced a seizure please leave the fields blank.

If there is a history of seizures, what was the age of onset?

Question type: open-ended.

birth-3 months 4
4 months-8 months 3
1 year 2
2 years 2
3 years 1
4 years 3
6 years 1

What type of seizures were experienced?

Question type: open-ended.

  • Absences
  • complex partial seizures and status epilepticus before serious
  • full spectrum, partial, focal, grand mal
  • grand mal
  • myoclonic jerks
  • myoclonic/ tonic/ tonic clonic
  • not sure, one episode suspected seizure
  • partial seizure
  • petite mals
  • rapid shaking of head, mentally absent during episodes
  • staring off
  • tonic clonic first year, then partial complex with absence seizures
  • tonic clonic grand mal
  • tonic-clonic
  • unknown
  • unknown and only one noted seizure

If medication was prescribed, please list the seizure medication. Was the seizure medication helpful?

Question type: open-ended.

Medication Helpful?
after several medication changes currently taking Lamotrigine and Valproic Acid not yet fully controlled
Dilantin yes at first
Epilim to start with nowon Eplilim, lamotogine and kepra yes
first: viagrabatin, keppra, hydrocortisone/ now: lamotigrine, clobazam for a time
Keppra yes
Phenobarbatone, sodium valproate, Lamotrigine phenobarbatone worked but made her sleep 22 hours a day, the other two have reduced seizures but not stopped them completely.
Phenobarbital and Keppra yes
phenytoin, Keppra, sodium valporate, clobozam phenytoin - no, Keppra - sort of, sodium valporate - yes, clobozam - yes
topamax Yes
topiramate, keppra, phenobarbitol, diastat somewhat at age 3
Valproic Acid, Trileptal, Karidium yes

Has a ketogenic diet been attempted? Helpful?

Question type: open-ended.

  • 1 yes, helpful but had to stop because of digestion problems

If the following tests were performed, please describe. Otherwise, leave blank.

Question type: open-ended.

Nerve conduction studies performed? Findings?:
  • 1 yes, conduction is slower than expected
EMG performed? Findings?:
  • It makes an electroencephalogram year, but initially they ran a lot. All come with changes that have changed slightly. Currently there is a slowing and asymmetry of background activity consistent with encephalopathy. Activities specific intercritical epilepsy with tip morphology followed by high voltage slow wave, acividades that are mostly synchronous but asynchronous sometimes recorded.
  • yes, no findings